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San Francisco Community Group Gives Support To Seniors Isolated By COVID-19

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- A group of volunteers in San Francisco on Wednesday worked together to bring some sunshine into the lives of seniors who have been isolating from COVID-19 for months.

There are moments when what you don't see in a neighborhood can tell you more than what you do see. In the homes of one area of San Francisco, there are seniors who have self-quarantined, stayed inside since the coronavirus shelter order was issued in March.

The isolation and loneliness can be devastating. The prolonged lack of direct human contact may lead to depression. Reverend Glenda Hope, founder of Cayuga Community Connectors, is on a mission to fill that need.

"What we're doing today is going around to isolated seniors who cannot get out," said Hope. "And we are reminding them that they are not forgotten and we love them."

This grassroots neighborhood group travels to seniors' homes, calling out and waving hello. The community connectors engage with them -- if for only a few minutes -- to bring some joy into someone's life.

One stop of the organization's Wednesday tour was special, if a little heartbreaking. The group arrived at Joe's house, but Joe was not home.

"He went into the hospital and he did not recover," said Karen Peterson, Joe's surviving daughter.

She is still grieving, but thanked the visitors for the love and support they gave her dad.

"They were checking in and they would bring food and things from their yard, flowers and whatever they could. And are greatly appreciated," said Peterson.

Members of the Cayuga Community Connectors say every day is a blessing.

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