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Salesforce CEO Offers $50,000 In Relocation For Employees Uncomfortable With Indiana Law's Effect On Gays

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) -- If Salesforce employees are uncomfortable working in Indiana, CEO Marc Benioff is helping transfer them out of state, sometimes with a $50,000 relocation package.

The tech leader has been among the most vocal about Indiana's new religious freedom law allowing businesses to refuse services to people, including the LGBT community, on grounds of religious beliefs.

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On CNN Thursday, Benioff confirmed several Salesforce employees had asked for transfers and he facilitated their moves.

This comes after Indiana revised the law to stem criticism and expand protections of civil rights.

"Over the past week, this law has become a subject of great misunderstanding and controversy across our state and nation," Gov. Mike Pence said in a statement. "However we got here, we are where we are, and it is important that our state take action to address the concerns that have been raised and move forward."

Critics say the revisions haven't gone far enough.

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