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Long-Term RV Dwellers In Wealthy Palo Alto Brace For Crackdown

PALO ALTO (KPIX 5) -- Palo Alto police are sending a message to RV campers before taking action.

RVs going over the 72-hour parking limit could be towed if they don't move. RV dwellers received a flyer from police.

Britney is among those who live in an RV in Palo Alto.

She said, "It's looking a little bleak for me if this continues on with people saying you can't park here anymore because of what my trailer looks like to them."

It's a discussion that picked up speed as the number of cars and campers grew.

Joel, another Palo Alto car dweller said, "Yeah, I remember when there was maybe five cars here…"

Now, the writing is on the windshield.

"Maybe they think they have to go through the motions to please some of the people around the town who are complaining," Joel said.

And the fliers, issued by Palo Alto police and referencing increased complaints from neighbors, are reminding vehicle owners they have to move their vehicles every 72 hours.

"They have been kind of lenient for a long time. I think they're cracking down because there's more and more people out here," Joel said.

The city says it is trying to strike a balance between sympathy, and respect for city law.

Joe said, "Or probably they're just trying to get people to get the idea of, don't just leave it in the same spot forever and ever and ever."

Joel said most of the people living in these RVs work.

Britney, for instance, said she works 30 hours a week.

So the men and women living along El Camino Real have gotten the message. Now they'll just have to wait and see what enforcement really looks like.

"They probably would give you a warning first, I imagine," Joel said.

Britney said, "They say half a mile so I suppose I'll be rotating about a mile or so, wherever I can find to park."

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