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Man sentenced to 30 years to life for shooting brother-in-law in Rohnert Park

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ROHNERT PARK – A 76-year-old Nevada man received the maximum sentence Thursday after shooting his brother-in-law in Rohnert Park in late 2020 while wearing a Donald Trump face mask and a Santa disguise, prosecutors said.

According to Sonoma County Jill Ravitch's office, Gerald Jacinth of Las Vegas was sentenced to 30-years-to-life after he was found guilty earlier this year of attempted murder and shooting at an inhabited dwelling.

Prosecutors said the victim, a 79-year-old Rohnert Park man, lived with his wife in the North Bay community for the past 25 years. Multiple disagreements arose between the victim and Jacinth over time, but the two had not been in contact with each other since at least 2014.

On December 26, 2020, Jacinth drove up to the victim's home, as the victim was packing his pickup truck.

Wearing a Santa hat, a fake beard and a Halloween mask of the former president, prosecutors said Jacinth walked up to the victim with a package, before opening fire. Jacinth shot the victim in the neck at close range and shot him again as he ran into his garage.

Prosecutors said Jacinth tried to shoot the victim a third time, but the gun jammed. He left the scene and was arrested nearby a short time later.

The victim survived the shooting but had to undergo what the DA's office described as "extensive medical treatment," which lasted several months.

"This was a horrific experience for the victim," Ravitch said in a statement.

Following the shooting, prosecutors said Jacinth bragged to his son about the crime in a recorded call from jail, saying he got the disguise to get close to the victim, and that he laughed at the victim's cries for help.

During sentencing, the victim and his family asked the judge to impose the maximum sentence on Jacinth. In Thursday's hearing, the court noted his extreme anger and lack of remorse was "alarming" and said he posed a danger to the community.

Ravitch said, "We hope that the sentence handed down by the court today gives him and his family some comfort knowing that this defendant will be locked behind bars for a very lengthy period of time."

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