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Public Thinks San Francisco Streets Are Clean

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) --- A new survey on San Francisco's streets and sidewalks shows that people have generally positive perceptions of the City's cleanliness - although there are some gripes about cigarettes, gum and bad smells.

This study, commissioned by San Francisco's controller, didn't actually evaluate the cleanliness of the streets, but rather the public's perception of the cleanliness.

KCBS' Barbara Taylor Reports:

Public Works Director Ed Reiskin, who asked for the survey, didn't get the results he expected.

"There were definitely a few surprises," he said. "One was that a super majority of the people interviewed found that the city's streets were clean."

The largest amounts of complaints were about trash, grime, cigarette butts, bad odors and chewing gum, along with a few mentions of graffiti.

Another interesting finding is that most people in San Francisco apparently don't know that property owners are responsible for the cleanliness of their sidewalks, not city government.

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