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Protesters march in San Francisco after release of Tyre Nichols video

Small group of protesters march in San Francisco after release of Tyre Nichols video
Small group of protesters march in San Francisco after release of Tyre Nichols video 02:45

SAN FRANCISCO -- Tyre Nichol's case has sparked outrage and communities across the U.S., with many gathering to remember another life lost to police violence.

In San Francisco, a rally was a call for justice. Many of the people here came moments after they saw the body cam footage released by the Memphis police department.

SF Tyre Nichols protest
SF Tyre Nichols protest. CBS

"It goes deeper than just this moment. It's just another name, another person of color," said San Francisco resident Taraisa Keeton.

She joined the roughly 50 protesters that came together at Powell and Market Streets.

Keeton says the tragic cycle of violence continues to take lives of young black men.

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"It's heartbreaking for me being a woman of color. We have our own issues in our community. On top of that, we have police officers who murder us in cold blood," Keeton explained.

The rally turned into a march as protesters walked down Market Street. They called for justice and for the officers in the Nichols case to be tried and convicted of murder, but also demanded the defunding of police departments across the nation.

The fight to save the lives of young black men is something Reverend Charles Grays has been doing for years. 

"I come down here everyday. I haven't had nobody come and ask me what the hell am I doing," he said.

He held a banner as he sat on the sidewalk of Market Street, hoping to bring attention to the lives lost to police violence.

"It's tough being a black man in America. It really is," said Reverend Grays.

He vows to continue doing his work, long after the protesters are gone, one member of a community desperately searching for way to end the violence. 

"It's a very deep issue and we need change. I don't know how to reach, it but it is absolutely necessary," said Keeton.

The rally rally ended at UN Plaza where organizers told the crowd this wouldn't last time they gather. Their work won't be done until victims of police violence get justice.

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