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'Professional Party Crashers' Service In SF Offers To Ruin Other People's Special Occasions

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- A service that bills itself as "Professional Party Crashers" and promising the ability to "ruin another person's joy out of spite" is being advertised on flyers in the San Francisco Mission District, according to a report.

Uptown Almanac reported the flyers, one which was seen at 19th St. and Lexington Ave., advertise an anonymous duo that can ruin someone else's special event.

The flyer reads [emphasis in original]:

Are you so filled with hate that you would like to ruin another person's joy out of spite?
Do you know someone you hate that is having a special occasion?
Would you like an anonymous duo to ruin that occasion?

The flyer goes on to say the Professional Party Crashers can create 'a drunken disturbance at barmitzvas, weddings, baptisms and court hearings."

The persons reportedly behind the flyer promise "no violence, just general douchebaggery." Price is listed as "negotiable."

Uptown Almanac said the people behind the flyer have yet to land any customers since putting up the flyers this past Sunday, but have had a number of inquiries from people looking to get involved as an employee.

According to the flyer, you can contact the party crashers at or 415-866-3050.

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