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Pro-choice demonstrators march in Burlingame Saturday

Pro-choice demonstrators march in Burlingame Saturday
Pro-choice demonstrators march in Burlingame Saturday 02:27

BURLINGAME (KPIX) -- Supporters of abortion rights who rallied in Burlingame's Washington Park on Saturday acknowledged their task will require an ongoing commitment to restore what the Supreme Court has just taken away.

"I couldn't just sit anymore ... I knew there were enough outraged people in this area," said Rachel Cyr, who organized the event. "I understand that maybe I am yelling into an echo chamber but I can't not yell."

As a mother and small business owner, Cyr says most people in the state agree with her and she knows her voice most likely won't be heard by those in other states who oppose all abortions. 

"This fight is just beginning and that it will take, which makes me heartbroken, a long time for this to be rectified," said Jamie Giloni, who participated in the rally and march. 

While there have been many marches immediately after the high court's decision, these protesters say they will keep up the energy on their side until Congress acts to protect abortions or there is a reversal by the justices. 

"I appreciate that so much about this state. I love living here but now I feel like I am trapped here," Cyr told KPIX. 

She knows voters will get to decide if abortion should have clear protection in the state's constitution this fall with a new ballot measure.

This day, July 2, is the anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Cyr reflected on the meaning of this holiday weekend and took a critical view of the direction she sees America heading. 

"I have never felt less free on Independence Day," she said.

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