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Pokemon Go Players Flocking To Cemeteries In Modesto

MODESTO (CBS) -- Pokémon Go players are finding critters everywhere, including some places that many consider inappropriate for gaming, like a cemetery.

"Families are number one in this cemetery, not game players, that's not what we're here for," Timothy Copenhaver, superintendent for Pioneer Cemetery in Modesto, told CBS Sacramento. The cemetery, along with others on Scenic Drive in Modesto, seems to be hot spots for Pokémon players.

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With their heads buried in their phones, Pokémon Go users are walking around the cemetery at night and sitting in their cars hoping to catch critters. But Copenhaver says the numbers are getting out of hand.

"I came in here the other night and we had probably 60 cars and probably two, three, 400 people here," he said.

Copenhaver adds players are leaving behind trash, walking on the graves of peoples' loved ones, and being a disruption to funeral services.

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