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Pleasanton Searchers Fail To Find Any Trace Of Missing Jogger Philip Kreycik

PLEASANTON (CBS SF) -- Search teams focusing on the remote areas of Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park Saturday failed to find any new leads in the disappearance of Philip Kreycik, who went missing while jogging in the park on July 10.

On Twitter, Pleasanton police posted the efforts had come up empty.

"Today, the search for Philip Kreycik continued as a number of teams were deployed at Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park. Unfortunately, no significant evidence was recovered from the area."

Last week, family members told KPIX 5 they remained hopeful.

"We are all baffled that we haven't found anything yet. Not even a trace, like a piece of clothing or a shoelace or anything," said Kreycik's wife, Jen Yao.

Kreycik's car was found at a trailhead on Pleasanton Ridge where he was set to go for a run. The husband and father of two from Berkeley never returned to his vehicle.

Because Kreycik ran ultramarathons and has extensive wilderness experience, his father Keith thinks it's possible he's made it out of Pleasanton Ridge now.

"He's so strong that we think he could've gone a long, long distance. Even if you're living in an area where you say, 'he never could've made it 20 miles over here,' in the time period we're talking about it would've been very easy to get 20 miles away from the center of town," Keith Kreycik said.

They think it's possible he's well beyond the bounds of Pleasanton Ridge.

The family is asking people to be on the lookout for someone who is disoriented and to check Ring cameras and outbuildings and office parks empty due to the pandemic to see if he's there.

Kreycik's family is blown away by the hundreds of volunteers who have dedicated their time and energy to search for him.

"The outpouring of support has just been incredible from the community. Literally hundreds and hundreds of people out supporting us," said Keith Kreycik.

Phillip is father to a 3-year-old boy and a 10-month-old girl. Yao has tried to explain his absence to their children.

"I said that he's on a long run. He may be lost and we and so many other people are helping to look for him," said Yao.

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