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Patent, Trademark Resource Center Opens In San Jose Library

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) -- A new patent and trademark resource center in San Jose is making it easier for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to find information about how to protect their intellectual property.

"Say you've invented something, and you want to find, does anybody have a patent on this cool thing I've just thought of, well you can come to the library during all the hours that we're open, and our librarians will be able to help you find out what patents already exist, and I guess more importantly, what would be the process of going through to get your own ideas patented," San Jose King Library Director Jill Bourne said.

That was exactly the question that Sireesh Mondadi had.

"I'm hoping to find out some information regarding how to file a patent, and the fee structure, and what is the process time," Mondadi said.

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