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VIDEO: World's Most Talented Surfers Ride 'Out Of Control Huge' 3-Story Monster Waves At Mavericks

HALF MOON BAY (KPIX) -- High surf conditions along the Northern California coast drew some of the world's most talented surfers to Mavericks on Tuesday, where 30–to-40 foot waves were breaking just off Pillar Point.

"It was good out there," said surfer Chase LaRue. "There are some bombing sets. There are some living legends out there, just catching basically anything that's coming through."


It was a picture perfect day for world class surfing, and Tuesday's conditions did bring the best in the world. They put on a spectacular show. Like every Mavericks, watching was both exhilarating and horrifying. Those coming off the water found themselves comparing the day to epic years past.

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"Once, I think it was like 2016, it was like this, just out of control, huge, scary," laughed Connor Beatty. "I was doing the same thing, sitting at the channel, watching."

"I was hoping that I could get one wave for my country," said Hide Minami of Japan. "I got the one wave, inside, small one. Outside, big ones? Untouchable for me."

"I didn't break my board," Beatty laughed. "So I'm stoked."

Also stoked were the spectators who found themselves watching the sudden revival of this famed event.

"It's a big crowd," said Richard Patterson. "Once the word gets out. It's getting more and more popular."

Those crowds can also still eat outside in San Mateo County.

"Oh yeah, and that's a big thing," said Scott Sutton. "That place we were just at across the street, they were serving a lot of people. It was huge."

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