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Nancy Pelosi Marks 25 Years Representing San Francisco In Congress

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke about her 25 years representing San Francisco in Congress, including her time as Speaker of the House, at the Commonwealth Club on Tuesday.

Pelosi recalled being asked to run by predecessor Congresswoman Sala Burton before she died in 1987. Back then, Pelosi never imagined she would be in Congress, let alone become the first female Speaker.

During her appearance, she talked about her priorities that included fighting AIDS and working for education. Pelosi also spoke about healthcare and the healthcare reform law, saying that she is confident it will be upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

KCBS' Doug Sovern Reports:

"We did not win the public relations battle on it, but from the constitutionality, it is iron-clad," Pelosi said with authority.

Pelosi even went as far as to predict a victory for the healthcare reform law when the court announces its ruling.

After her Commonwealth Club conversation, Pelosi weighed in on the presidential race. She dismissed GOP nominee Mitt Romney's attempts to counter attacks on his record at Bain Capital by hammering President Barack Obama on Solyndra and other failed public investments.

"There is no equivalence between how one recipient of a grant succeeded or not versus a person's life work and how he says that qualifies him to be a President of the United States. So I reject the equivalency," Pelosi commented.

After her speech, Pelosi said the Democrats have a good shot at winning the 25 seats needed to regain control of the House, which would make her Speaker again.

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