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Lunch With Lady Gaga? New SF Store 'If Only' Sells Cool Experiences, Not Stuff

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- There are plenty of stores where you can buy expensive, unique things. Now there's a store where you can spend as much money as you want on unique experiences.

It's called, 'If Only.' When you go to this store, bring your 'bucket list.'

It's the brainchild of San Francisco entrepreneur, Trevor Traina.

Everyone has their own, 'if only,' according to Traina. It could be to meet a famous chef, shoot hoops with an NBA star, or hang with the band after a concert.

"After the great recession, I think a lot of people realized they have enough stuff, they don't really want another wristwatch, or handbag," said Traina. "They say, 'hey, I want a place where I can go to spend my money on life enriching experiences, things I can do and share with the people I love.'"

"We're working with Lady Gaga," said Traina. "If you want to meet her after the concert, we're the only place you can go. We just launched poker -- now you can play poker with a world famous poker player."

Traina is already racking up satisfied customers.

"One of our customers wanted to meet one of the most famous NBA players in the world," said Traina. "Now they text each other... draft picks, and stuff like that ... they are pals."

Just so it's not pure, hedonistic pleasure, Traina devised a system where 70% of the proceeds go to charities picked by the celebrities providing the experience.

Traina prefers to call his celebs, 'luminaries.'

"We asked our luminaries what was their favorite charity," said Traina. "Now, give us something to sell to benefit your cause."

Turns out the luminaries enjoy the experiences as much as the customers. Traina said it gives them a chance to get out actually meet people one-on-one.

You don't have to be flush with cash to shop at If Only.

"We try to come up with experiences at every price point," said Traina. "If you can't meet the band, maybe you can spend a hundred bucks to get their set list."

Among the lower price point items is a plan where you can get 2 recipes a month from a Michelin-rated chef. The price tag is just $125.

So far, If Only has raised more than a million dollars for about 150 good causes.

Check out the merchandise on the website,

Traina says if you don't see what you want, "email us, and we can set any thing at any budget."

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