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Lost Hiker With 2 Broken Legs Survives 9 Days Crawling In Wilderness

FRESNO COUNTY (KPIX 5) -- A Sacramento County woman is recovering after spending nine days lost in the wilderness with 2 broken legs, crawling, surviving on creek water.

Miyuki Harwood used a whistle to get the attention of the rescuers who finally found her Saturday morning near the Courtright Reservoir in the Sierra National Forest.

Deputies said the 62-year-old got separated from a group of hikers last week.

Rescue crews tried to find her, but a wildfire burning near the area slowed their search.

Officials said after she was lost, Harwood sustained broken bones, and couldn't make her way back to base camp. Instead, she crawled to a creek where she used a water filter to help her stay alive.

Harwood's resourcefulness and her whistle saved her life. Elated, authorities called a press conference shortly after she was found.

"When you're nine days into it, you're really starting to wonder if the dividends are going to pay off for you and then have such a success story is utterly amazing," CHP Chief Jim Abrams. "It just tickles us all to death that we have good news at the end of nine days because that is rather amazing survival for that length of time."

Harwood was airlifted to a hospital for treatment. She is reportedly in stable condition.


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