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KCBS Cover Story: San Francisco School Offers Anti-Bullying Class

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) - Nobody likes a bully, least of all the one being bullied. And, because nobody knows this better than kids, why not teach kids to put bullies in their place?

One San Francisco elementary school is doing just that, adding a new subject to the curriculum: bullying. It's all about teaching kids how to stop bullies from bullying, and help those who have been victimized.

In all, 50 kids come together weekly for the anti-bullying education at the Rooftop School, a K-8 Public Alternative School in San Francisco. The Bully Ambassador class addresses bullying not only in the classroom or on the playgroup, but after school hours as well.

"They're given sort of social skills that will serve them their whole lives," explained program director, Katie MacDougal. "Ways to distract from what's going on or to reason with the person who's doing the aggression without being confrontational."

KCBS' Jeffrey Schaub Reports:

"I really don't like bullies," declared one 12-year-old girl named Rose. "I used to get bullied like a lot, like when I was younger because I used to be really overweight. And they used to like tease me and stuff and it wasn't nice."

"When the target is excluded I think that they feel very sad because they feel like they're not wanted," one girl explained what she was learning.

"I think that if they get put down it's harder to be an individual because you feel like you're standing out too much," added one young boy.

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