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Justin Bieber Banned From China For 'Bad Behavior'

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By Robyn Collins

(RADIO.COM) – The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture this week has banned Justin Bieber from playing in China.

The ban was revealed when a fan posted a question on the Bureau's website asking why Bieber wasn't coming to China during his Asian tour, reports Variety.

"Please give a detailed explanation of why Justin Bieber is not allowed to come to China! [He] has won many major awards, which demonstrates his extraordinary talents. Why aren't mainland fans given the right to enjoy his performance?" the post says.

The Bureau responded, "We sympathize with your feelings. Justin Bieber is a talented singer but is also a controversial young foreign idol. We understand that there are records of his bad behavior, whether it is in his private life abroad or on stage."

"His inappropriate manner has caused public discontent," the statement continued. "In order to regulate the market order of show business in China and purify the market environment, it was decided that performers of inappropriate behavior will not be welcomed."

China has banned others before Bieber. In 2008, Bjork was banned after showing support for Tibetan independence during a gig in Shanghai. Maroon 5 and Oasis were also cut off from the Communist country after supporting Tibet.

Placebo faces a lifetime ban from performing in China after the band posted a picture of the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet, on their Instagram page. China views the Nobel Peace Prize-winning monk as a dangerous separatist and therefore an enemy of the state.

Bieber played China in 2013. The pop star was captured on camera being carried up to the Great Wall by Chinese bodyguards. The incident was seen by many Chinese as offensive.

Only time will tell if the ban is permanent.

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