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Jan Wahl Movie Review: 'This Is 40,' 'Rust & Bone' & 'The Guilt Trip'

'This Is 40'
(L-R) Paul Rudd & Leslie Mann (credit: Universal Pictures)


(KCBS) – KCBS Entertainment Editor Jan Wahl reviews 'This Is 40' with Paul Rudd & Leslie Mann, 'Rust & Bone' starring Marion Cotillard & 'The Guilt Trip' with Barbra Streisand & Seth Rogen.

KCBS Entertainment Reporter Jan Wahl:

KCBS Entertainment Report: This is 40


THIS IS 40 (R)

Filmmaker Judd Apatow has the best PR in Hollywood - and after this comedy, it's easy to understand that money, ego and favors go far in showbiz. We revisit a couple from Knocked Up, a funnier Apatow movie. The couple is facing middle age, parental challenges and a bogus financial crisis. None of this rings true, but a few moments are fun. Apatow has cast his two children as the children in the film, and his wife Leslie Mann as Paul Rudd's wife in the film. She is bad, vain and brittle but not able to pull off the natural comedy that comes easy to Rudd.

This Is 40 - Theatrical Trailer by Universal Pictures on YouTube

One hat.

But stay for the closing credits since it's always good to see Melissa McCarthy.


'Rust and Bone'
(L-R) Matthias Schoenarts & Marion Cotillard (credit: Sony Pictures Classics)


I've been a Marion Cotillard fan since she brilliantly played the tortured Edith Piaf in La Vie En Rose. She won an Oscar for that and will most likely be nominated for this.

In this French Belgium production, Cotillard plays a whale trainer at a local marine park. A horrendous accident occurs and she is life both changed and challenged. If there was more about her and her back-story, the film would have been better. Much of it is about a bitter single father and drifter, played by Matthias Schoenaerts.

This is a strong year for foreign film, including Amore, The Matchmaker and my favorite: The Untouchables. This is worth seeing for its sensitive performances and strong story. In French.

Rust and Bone | Official Trailer HD (2012) by Sony Pictures Classics on YouTube

Three hats.


'The Guilt Trip'
(L-R) Seth Rogen & Barbra Streisand (credit: Paramount Pictures


Once in a while we get a warm comedy that doesn't need to spend half of its time in the bathroom and bedroom. Two quality performers play mother and son in this road picture. Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand are mother and son taking a cross county trip. Because it isn't overplayed and these major characters seem familiar and comical to us, it's a fun and breezy movie when a cinematic escape is needed.

The Guilt Trip Official Movie Trailer by Paramount Pictures on YouTube

Three hats.


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