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Jan Wahl Movie Review: 'The Wolverine,' 'The To-Do List' & 'Plimpton!'

The Wolverine
Hugh Jackman as "The Wolverine" (credit: 20th Century Fox)

(KCBS) — KCBS Entertainment Editor Jan Wahl reviews a trio of movies: "The To-Do List" (Dir. Maggie Carrey), a comedy starring Aubrey Plaza about a high school girl trying to lose her virginity, "The Wolverine" (Dir. James Mangold), an action movie starring Hugh Jackman as the titular comic book superhero and "Plimpton!" (Dir. Tom Bean & Luke Poling), a documentary about the famed participatory journalist George Plimpton.

KCBS Entertainment Reporter Jan Wahl:

Jan Wahl Movie Review: The Wolverine (PG-13)


Welcome to the world of stupid, useless, empty and mean. We meet a young girl played by Aubrey Plaza, who is seemingly smart enough to be her high school's leader, going off to college But she quickly goes from bright to buffoonish as she tries to experience sex for the first time—it's all on her to-do list.

The To Do List - Official Trailer [HD] by CBS Films on YouTube

Sex in cinema can be illuminating, funny and smart but this hollow, gross mess should go to the top of your not-to-do list. No hats—not even a visor.


The Wolverine Trailer Exclusive (2013) by Logan on YouTube


When there is a very good actor involved, even live action cartoon characters live. Hugh Jackman is deep, moving and haunted as we get involved in his journey. This time, instead of just fighting mutants and bad guys, we get a trip to Tokyo where he is told that he will be saying goodbye to the man who he once saved in Nagasaki in 1945, when the atom bomb was dropped. But actually, it's all a plot to save the woman his friend made the most powerful in Asia.

Even with those claws, there are women here who get involved romantically with Wolverine—and who can blame them? Just come back to us, Hugh, in a musical. You have such rare talent; hopefully this is not all you'll be doing.

Two & 1/2 hats.


This is a smart documentary about a man who did it his way, spending years as a participatory journalist. He was a football player, a trapeze artist, a hockey player and a stand up comic. He also edited a literary magazine and worked with the best poets and writers of the day—a Acreative, unusual man.

by on Vimeo

Three hats.

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