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I Was In Shock! Uber Driver Talks About Security Guard Attack At Corporate HQ

FREMONT (KPIX) - Uber driver Thom Hoffman was tackled by a security guard only a few feet from the front doors of Uber's corporate headquarters. The entire incident caught on cell phone video.

The video shows Thom Hoffman trying to walk in the front doors at Uber's corporate headquarters when a security guard grabs him from behind and slams him onto the ground.

"I was in shock. In shock. I was in fight or flight mode," said Hoffman.

He said he and other drivers went to the offices on Market Street in San Francisco on Friday to deliver a petition asking for better working conditions.

"I remember approaching the door, starting into the door, and at that point the next thing I knew everyone was on top of me," said Hoffman. "I mean it happened so quickly that's really all I remember about it."

On Saturday, Hoffman was back home in Fremont and after a trip to the emergency room on Friday, is wearing a sling and taking pain killers until he can get back to the doctor on Monday.

"Had some x-rays and they said nothing was broken," he said. "It looks like pretty severe bruising. There's a lump on my shoulder."

As to whether Uber has contacted him, Hoffman said no.

"And I don't expect them to."

Uber did release a statement to KPIX about the incident saying, "We are very concerned by the video. The individual in question has been placed on administrative leave effective immediately by our third-party vendor while the matter is being investigated."

Hoffman says he's now considering pressing charges against the security guard.

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