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ConsumerWatch: Halloween Costume Swap A Treat For Parents

PALO ALTO (CBS) - For many, Halloween can be a pain in the pocketbook. In fact Halloween brings in about $5 billion a year. But now there's a new trend that can save you money while also going green.

Karen Amon, who has a daughter, said when it comes to Halloween, costume shopping can get expensive.

"She won't wear the same costume that she wore to school," Amon said.

"Usually it's pretty expensive the kids costumes are anywhere from $29 to $40," said Mom Mari Chazen.

But these Peninsula moms have found a way to save money. It's called the National Costume Swap day where parents come together and share ideas.

Jocelyn Broyles from came up with the idea while planning a local green Halloween party.

Broyles said she came across, where the National Costume Swap day is October 9th. The website also provides details on how to hold a costume swap or find a location near by. But Broyles said she hopes the event will do more then just save money.

It gives them this introduction to how to bring green into the rest of their lives," she said.

Mom Amon said she's happy to go green. "That just gives me more pleasure than going out and spending $100 or $500. But if you can't make it out to on of the events, these moms suggest doing an informal costume swap with family and friends.

They also suggest recycling old costumes and using them for pets.  

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