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Goats Gone Wild: Fire Abatement Herd Breaks Loose In San Jose Neighborhood

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) -- A herd of goats brought in for fire abatement by a San Jose home-owners association were caught on video behaving badly early Tuesday evening, breaking through an electric fence and running through a ritzy South Bay neighborhood

The video shot by Zach Roelands at around 5 p.m. Tuesday evening showed the herd of goats storming through the quiet residential streets of San Jose's Evergreen neighborhood.

The heard of around 200 goats was brought in by HOA to eat the grass and high brush on a nearby hillside to reduce wildfire risk, according to Roelands's post. One of the goats broke through an electric fence and the herd poured into the neighborhood.

The clip has gone viral, amassing over two million views since being posted at around 7:15 p.m. Tuesday evening.

It took Zach Roelands and his father Terry about 15 minutes to corral all the goats. There was some minor damage done to Roelands neighbor's house and, not surprisingly, no shortage of goat manure left in the street.

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