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Stanford Sex Assault Survivor Among Glamour Magazine's 'Women Of The Year'

STANFORD (CBS SF) -- One of Glamour Magazine's 'Women of the Year 2016' has never been seen by the general public but she's well-known.

We only know her by her alias -- Emily Doe -- the victim in the Brock Turner sexual assault on the Stanford campus.

There's no picture of the 22-year-old woman who was sexually assaulted by the former Stanford swimmer. Glamour's website just shows an image of a pink rose along with a brief essay penned by Doe that says:

"Victims are not victims, not some fragile, sorrowful aftermath. Victims are survivors, and survivors are going to be doing a hell of a lot more than surviving."

In the introductory article accompanying Doe's essay, Glamour said "it was Doe's take-no-prisoners telling of what happened afterward—the relentless victim-blaming; the favoring of Turner, a student athlete—that changed the conversation about sexual assault forever."

On January 18, 2015 after a party, Emily Doe was sexually penetrated by Turner as she lay unconscious behind a dumpster on the Stanford campus.

After Turner was convicted last spring, Judge Aaron Persky sentenced him to just six months. He was released after three. He could have served up to 14 years in state prison for his crime.

The six-month sentence sparked a huge public outcry. More than a million people signed a petition calling for Judge Persky's impeachment.

His victim wrote a powerful impact statement as part of Turner's trial. That statement went viral on Buzzfeed and was read aloud on the Congressional floor.

California has now closed the loophole that allowed lighter sentences in cases where the victim is unconscious or severely intoxicated. Gov. Brown signed the bills in September.

In Doe's own words,

"If you think the answer is that women need to be more sober, more civil, more upright, that girls must be better at exercising fear, must wear more layers with eyes open wider, we will go nowhere."

The Glamour article also includes a link to the petition to recall Persky.

It hits newsstands on November 9.

Glamour's past WOTW honorees helped select Emily Doe, along with and ten other 2016 women of the year. This year, the honorees includes a man – 'Bono' of U2, along with Gwen Stefani, Simone Biles, Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi—who founded the #BlackLivesMatter, Ashley Graham, Christine Lagarde, Nadia Murad, Miuccia Prada, and Zendaya.

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