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Giants Back To Underdog Role For Final Time In 2014

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) - The San Francisco Giants are a not going to win the World Series Wednesday night, at least that's what the oddsmakers in Las Vegas say. But the Giants have been proving Vegas bookies wrong all year, and for the better part of the last decade.

Oddsmakers say the Kansas City Royals are heavy favorites for the do-or-die final game of the seven game series. To win $100 betting on the Royals you have to risk $142, according to the gaming site Bovada. If you're willing to risk $100 on the Giants you'll win $132 if they win, according to the lines posted at 8:40 a.m. That's a pretty large advantage for that doesn't feature a dominant starting pitcher on either side.

If you're thinking that spells doom for the Giants, consider this, neither team was expected to win any series leading up to the fall classic. The Royals were projected for elimination against the Angels and Orioles while the Giants were expected to fail against both the Nationals and Cardinals, so it hasn't payed to be favored this postseason.

In fact, as the series itself has gone on, the team with the better odds of eventually taking the series has fared poorly. The Royals where the favorites heading into the series and promptly lost, making the Giants favorites - they quickly dropped two in a row. That shifted the odds back to the Royals, who dropped a pair in return. The Giants were favored to close it out heading back to Kansas City, but now that the Royals have evened things up, that advantage has shifted again.

Will the favorites fall one more time this year? We find out tonight.

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