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The Future Of Real Estate May Have Far More Robots

SUNNYVALE (KPIX5) -- The next time you show up to tour a Bay Area housing rental, you may discover that a robot is waiting to show you around.

Meet Rabia Levy, a real estate agent for Zenplace who guides potential renters through properties using a robot, all while staying in her office in Sunnyvale.

"We can control robots through any mobile device, so it can be a phone, Ipad," Levy said.

The property management team, Zenplace, believes they're the first company in the U.S. to use this technology in this way.

The technology is opening doors for the real estate industry.

Right now they have about 100 bots they use throughout the Bay Area, from Santa Cruz to Napa.

Michael Costa, a Zenplace field agent said, "They're now able to attend more properties than ever before. They're spending less time on the road and more time with our customers."

Zenplace began using the bots a couple months ago. They say since then properties are being rented within days, instead of weeks or even months.

"I could end this call and go to another property technically within minutes or seconds," Levy said.

We asked Levy if she gets to know her client less.

"I think if the Zenplace robot was a robot with a robot face and voice maybe, but they see a human face there with human reactions and have real conversations," Levy said. "I mean I'm still a person. I'm still communicating just as I would in person."

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