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Foodie Chap: Big Bottom Market, Guerneville

Liam & Chef Tricia Brown
Liam w/ Chef Tricia Brown (credit:

KCBS radio 'Foodie Chap' and CBS 5 television 'Eye On The Bay' host Liam Mayclem introduces us to the culinary stars behind the food and wine loved by so many in the Bay Area.

Tricia Brown ventured from the Big Apple to the little town of Guerneville where she is leaving a BIG impression as Executive Chef of Big Bottom Market. Her culinary career started at Gramercy Tavern in New York where she interned while studying at Manhatten's Gourmet Institute. She also has an advanced certification in Wine from the International Wine Institute.

In her role as Executive Chef she is responsible for the market's menu; a rich and varied menu featuring everything from biscuits to sandwiches, gourmet salads to sexy soups! YES, sexy soups.

Chef Tricia Brown
Chef Tricia Brown (credit:

"Cooking to me is joy."
- Chef Tricia Brown

Chef Tricia works closely with Big Bottom Market co-owner Crista Luedtke (see her 5 Tasty Questions below). Together they have made a BIG mark in this little town with mentions in Food and Wine magazine and later this month the market and sister business Boon Eat & Drink will be featured on CBS 5′S EYE ON THE BAY.

Now about the name of the market – BIG BOTTOM? It refers to the original name given to Guerneville back in the 1870′s when the area was known for it's dense growth of mammoth Redwood trees. From breakfast through lunch to dinner Big Bottom is a spot you must try while in the area or if you are passing through a "sandwich or salad to go" is reason to stop.

Wednesday's Market dinner is a big draw too; a three course feast for $20 with an extra $15 for wine pairing. The monthly celebrity sandwich is created by locals and visiting celebrities. Somehow I wedged my way onto the sandwich board. See the recipe section for "LIAM: The Irish Brit Sandwich" on the menu for the month of May only.

During my recent visit the entire town seemed to be abuzz with excitement about Guerneville being known as a "Gourmet Getaway" and Chef Tricia and Chef /Owner Crista & team should take a little of the credit. Guerneville is a town many are escaping to instead of escaping from and that's a great thing. This little town once known as "Big Bottom" is on it's way to the top – the top of my list for my fave places to visit.



5 Tasty Questions with Chef Crista Luedtke

1. What are your words to live by?
Work hard, play hard, travel the world, eat good food and open the good bottles of wine first!

2. It's midnight, we go to your fridge, what will we find?
Almost nothing to be honest, but a bottle of veuve for sure, sriracha, almond milk for smoothies in the morning and I'm not going to lie, a moldy wedge of cheese. I did look in the fridge this morning.

3. In a second life you come back as something else, what would you be?
I'm trying to be that sort of a little bit now, but a designer and branding concepts business consultant. I would love it!

4. What dish reminds you of home?
Pot roast and potatoes without fail.

5. Finally, last supper what will you and who will be at the table?
Thomas Keller, my best pal Janelle who is my eating companion and Gwyneth Paltrow, although I'm not sure she'll eat much. What will we eat? Seared scallops, over parsnip puree, brown butter chanterelles and there's got to be an arugula salad in there. You're coming right?

Liam: I'll be there.
Chef: I'd love it!
Liam: Tasty answers, thank you sweetheart!


Celebrity Sandwich
Celebrity Sandwich (credit:


Every month Big Bottom Market in Guerneville launches a "CELEBRITY SANDWICH". The sandwich for the month of May is a beautifully crafted sandwich made with love and passion by Chefs Crista and Trish with just a little help from me.

How I made the cut for the "CELEBRITY SANDWICH" I do not know but I am indeed honoured. Hope you may make it at home or better still pop into Big Bottom Market for a taste of this $9 meaty monster!

*Toasted buttered brioche bun slathered with Coleman's English mustard and lashings of garlic aioli.
*6 slices Roast beef
*Irish cheddar cheese
*Sonoma mixed greens


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