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Coyotes Spotted Near San Bruno School Raise Safety Concerns

SAN BRUNO (CBS SF) -- A coyote spotted Wednesday on a grassy field just steps from a playground used by children in after school program prompted teachers to keep the kids indoors in San Bruno.

The coyote has become a frequent if unwanted visitor at John Muir Elementary School.

Caitlyn Atalit, who is a student of the program, said she spotted the animal as well.

"They say stay away from it because it could be dangerous," said 7-year-old Atalit.

Paula Doran Shelley, who lives just a few doors down from John Muir, said the coyotes have been seen in the neighborhood all summer, but more frequently the last couple of weeks.

"That's very concerning, absolutely. And the sightings have been during the day," said Shelley. "Someone had posted a picture of a coyote on their front lawn around noon time, and this was on a street where kids walk up and down on their way to camp or school."

A teacher with the after school program told KPIX 5 they also kept the students indoors Wednesday because of the excessive heat. However, the coyotes have become familiar fixtures in the area, and she said that the students aren't allowed in the grassy field where the coyote was recorded on a cell phone Wednesday.

"Sometimes when I pick her up I'll see a coyote in the field," said Caitlyn's father Jay Atalit.

Shelley believes the coyotes are coming from an open field nearby, but have been making themselves comfortable in the neighborhood. She said she knows not much can be done, but she and her neighbors are staying vigilant and hope the coyotes stay away from the kids and their pets.

"Probably really thirsty," said Marianne Nagle as she picked up her granddaughter from the school. "Hopefully not hungry."

School is not in session at John Muir.

KPIX called the person in charge of the after school program, and have yet to receive a return call.

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