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Coyote Responsible For Series Of Lamorinda Attacks Strikes Again

LAFAYETTE (CBS SF) -- A coyote who bit a man in Lafayette on Friday has been determined to be the same coyote responsible for four other biting attacks on people in the area, Moraga police reported Tuesday.

The attack happened across from a Kwik Stop convenience store on Golden Gate Way and Second St.

Contra Costa Animal Services interviewed the man and collected his clothing. DNA testing from his clothing was completed and the results came back Tuesday as a match to the same coyote responsible for the other incidents, all in the Lamorinda area.

This latest attack happened just three days after a three-year-old girl was attacked as she walked with her mother along a neighborhood street in Moraga.

The girl's mother, who was also pushing a stroller with another child inside, was able to fend off the coyote and it ran away, police said. The girl suffered three bite wounds across her back, buttocks and legs

Moraga police said an extensive trapping operation led by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife is underway to find and catch the coyote. Multiple trapping lines have been placed on private property authorities urged the public not trespass onto any private properties to maintain the integrity of the trapping effort.

Residents were encouraged to report any coyote sightings to Moraga Police dispatch at 925-284-5010. If a coyote is seen it is recommended that you make loud noises and even throw rocks if necessary to scare off the animal.

Please remember that coyotes are wild animals and their behavior is unpredictable. Be aware of your surroundings when outdoors and do not leave small children or pets unattended outside. Special care should be taken at dusk and dawn when coyotes are known to be more active. Pet food should be brought inside at night, and trash lids should be secured.

Please visit for information on coyote safety, including tips on how to reduce the potential for coyote conflicts.


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