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COVID: Stanford Requiring Weekly Coronavirus Tests For Students This Fall, Even If Vaccinated

STANFORD (CBS SF) – Officials at Stanford University announced that all students who will be coming to campus for in-person learning for Fall 2021 must be vaccinated against COVID-19 and undergo coronavirus testing every week, regardless of vaccination status.

One of the first schools in the nation to implement such stringent measures, the new requirements were laid out in a statement Wednesday from Susie Brubaker-Cole, the school's Vice Provost for Student Affairs.

"Working together, we can monitor the prevalence of COVID-19 at Stanford, adjust requirements as needed, protect our friends and family, and keep campus as safe as possible for in-person learning and activities this summer and autumn," Brubaker-Cole said.

Starting August 15, students who are living on campus, living in university provided off-campus housing or coming to campus must be tested for COVID-19 every week, even if they have been vaccinated. All new arrivals to campus this fall must also be tested on the day they arrive and on the 5th day, the university said.

With the increase in cases of the Delta variant, some students said simply requiring the vaccine isn't enough.

"Maybe a month ago we were getting emails that there were a lot of students who were fully vaccinated getting COVID, and symptomatic COVID, which is pretty scary," said Sayeh Kohani, who will begin her senior year at Stanford this fall.

"I think it's a great step. I'm really happy that they're doing it," said Kohani, who lives in one of the new dorms on campus. She says once school is back in session, the dorms are packed.

On July 19, Stanford dropped it's COVID testing requirement for on-campus students who provided proof of vaccination. Three days later, the university announced seven breakthrough cases of COVID-19 in vaccinated students.

Luciano Arroyo will be a junior this fall and is on the school's wrestling team.  "I mean we're willing to do whatever it takes to be in person and if it's once a week, then if that's the worst thing we have to do, then we'll do it," Arroyo told KPIX 5.

Isaiah Woods, an undergrad, told KPIX 5, "It is very cumbersome, I will admit. It's very burdensome, but I know that it's necessary for us to stay on campus."

The school also announced that unvaccinated international students and the unvaccinated arriving from outside the country should arrive at least 7-days before in-person learning to complete entry testing, vaccination and a period of "restricted activity."

Stanford has already required all students coming to campus to be fully vaccinated. Those who have not submitted their proof of vaccination will not be able to register for fall quarter classes.

Along with testing and vaccination requirements, the school is also requiring face coverings indoors except in alone in one's office, student room or while eating or drinking. Stanford is also urging COVID-19 vaccination among students' spouses, partners and children eligible for the vaccine.

The school has also required all faculty, staff and postdocs who will be on campus this fall to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Undergraduate classes for the fall quarter are scheduled to begin on September 20.

Katie Nielsen contributed to this report.

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