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Coronavirus Update: SFPD Warns Of Fake 'Health Inspectors' Going Door-To-Door

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- Police in San Francisco on Monday warned residents not to open their homes to people going door-to-door claiming to conduct inspections for the CDC or the SF Department of Public Health.

The department issued the cautionary note Monday afternoon after "receiving information about subjects who may be going door to door claiming to be employees of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or the San Francisco Department of Public Health (DPH). These subjects are apparently asking for entry into residences to conduct inspections or searches."


The public warning said that neither the CDC nor SFDPH is sending personnel to private residences to conduct inspections. Any city residents who encounter someone claiming to be with either health organization at their front door is advised to not let them in and immediately call 911. Anyone encountering a suspect at their home is asked to provide police with a description of the suspect including as much detail as possible.

However, the police department also noted that the public should be aware that there are health inspectors with the San Francisco Department of Public Health conducting inspections at some 500 SRO hotels in the city. SRO building owners and managers have been notified in advance of the inspections to enforce Health Order C19-04.

Under this order, each of the SRO hotels is being checked to see if community areas are being cleaned and disinfected daily with a cleaning log being maintained, the bathrooms have soap for all sinks or -- if there is no sink -- sanitizer is available and that notice of the order has been posted and delivered to each tenant.

Police said DPH health inspectors can validate their identity by presenting their City Disaster Service Worker (DSW) ID, DPH employee ID, and Health Inspector Badge.

Additionally, the department said City Disaster Services workers and volunteers would be around the city placing informational door hangers in various neighborhoods. These people will have identification, and will not ask for permission to enter any residences.

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