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Contra Costa County Supervisors Look To Close $45 Million Deficit

MARTINEZ (KCBS) - Contra Costa County officials say it's difficult to get a hold on exactly what needs to be chopped this year, but there is consensus that there will be serious reductions.

At an informal budget session, County Administrator David Twa told top leaders the country is facing a minimum $45 million shortfall. He said part of that is due to pensions.

"Of that $45 million that I've talked about, $20 million plus represents pension costs," he said.

KCBS' Dave Padilla Reports:

Twa said employees will need to contribute more to their pensions or take a reduction in salary and benefits.

Rollie Katz of Public Employees Union, Local 1 said management as well as employees should have to sacrifice.

"There really is a need to flatten the organization," he said.

Twa said the projected deficit could increase by $20 million if state cuts go deeper than expected.

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