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New California Law Allows Women To Obtain Birth Control Without Doctor's Visit

SACRAMENTO (CBS SF) – Soon, it will be much easier for women in the Bay Area and California to obtain birth control. A new law allows women to skip the doctor and go right to the pharmacy.

It's a law other states are watching closely, to see how it plays out. The law would allow pharmacists, not doctors, prescribing women birth control pills, the patch and the ring.

"I love the fact that we're now having more opportunity for access for women," said Dr. Lizellen La Follette, who is in her 23rd year as an OBGYN.

La Follette said, while the law makes it more convenient for women who don't have time to go to the doctor, a pharmacy isn't a doctor's office.

The details of the law are still being worked out, but advocates said California is the first state to find a solution to a shortage in doctors, especially after the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

La Follette agrees turning to pharmacists is a good move. "We have underutilized our pharmacists," the OBGYN said, "So I think it's actually a good thing."

Pharmacists will also be able to give vaccines to people 3 years and older, and give prescription to help people cut down on tobacco.

The new law goes into effect later this year.

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