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Big Sur Social Media Campaign Shames Selfie-Obsessed Tourists

BIG SUR (KPIX) -- Most popular tourist attractions usually welcome visitors but one social media account from Big Sur is apparently all about shaming tourists for bad behavior.

The account is called Big Sur Hates You and it re-posts a collection of other people's pictures of them standing on Highway 1, scaling seacliffs, trampling wildflowers or getting too close to wildlife.

The account holder did not respond to our request for an interview but one visitor from Florida says she understands the motivation behind it.

"I live in Florida where people come and steal live seashells off the beach," said Sharon Rastello, who was visiting her daughter in Monterey.

"They don't want outsiders coming in and destroying that. Unfortunately, that does happen but it happens everywhere," she added.

Big Sur Selfies Pose Traffic Hazard
Selfie-obsessed tourists create a traffic hazard along Highway 1 in Big Sur. (CBS)

A KPIX camera caught a man and woman who suddenly darted into the lanes of Highway 1 at the scenic Bixby Creek Bridge.

The woman stopped mid-span to pose and the man directed her to move, seeking just the right angle. Then they dodged oncoming traffic to get back.

"It was just on the edge there, not too dangerous I don't think. There weren't any cars," the man, who did not want to give his name, told KPIX.

It's the type of activity that apparently inspired the new Instagram account but is "hate" too strong a word?

"Maybe a softer approach would be nice but I know it's probably good intentions behind it," said Christie Rastello, who lives in Monterey.

The dustup may be the result of the surging popularity of social media and a spike in tourist activity at Big Sur, which boasts beauty -- and danger -- around practically every curve of Highway 1.

"That area does see a lot of collisions: blind turns, blind hills, people unfamiliar with the roads and a lot of distractions," said CHP officer Chad Cavender.

Some of the tourists called out on Instagram have posted apologies but the social media battle rages on.

Apparently it's a battle between "hates" and "likes."

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