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Bay Area Drivers Brace For Another Bump in State Gas Taxes

ORINDA (CBS SF) -- For those Bay Area residents who already think it's painful to fill up their gas tank locally, get ready to spend even more.

Some people cringe every single time they have to fill up the gas tank. KPIX spoke to some residents ahead of the new California gas tax that goes into effect on Thursday, July 1st.

"You know, you have to wonder why they keep going up. What's the game people are playing with us?" asked Jim Adams

On Thursday, the total state gas tax jumps to about 51 cents per gallon. It's been increasing every year since 2017 when a state senate bill was signed into law to pay for road and bridge work.

"Well, they've been fixing roads and bridges with gas taxes for ever, right? Except they use the gas taxes to fix something else," said area resident Paul Franklin, who was filling up at an Orinda gas station with some of the cheapest gas in the region.

Drivers KPIX spoke with weren't sure what they'd do as prices continue to climb.

"I don't know, it's going to be tough, that's for sure. I probably have to drive less," said Adams. showed the Mash Gas & Food station in Orinda as one of the cheapest in East Bay.

"I live in Pittsburg, but I don't get gas in Pittsburg. I come all the way to Orinda," said East Bay resident Shawna Todd.

"Tough to get used to. We've seen gas hikes before. It's always a tough expense to swallow. but it is what it is," said Orinda resident Rich Lee.

State GOP leaders are pushing for a gas tax holiday that would give California residents a break from planned gas-tax increases for a year, though it remains to be seen how that moves through the legislature. Gas analysts say they expect gas prices to drop in the fall.

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