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BART To Test Overnight Bus Service For Commuters, Not Partiers

OAKLAND (CBS SF) - There may soon be an answer for late-night commuters who don't have the option to catch a Bay Area Rapid Transit train after hours.

System officials say they're planning a 1-year pilot program that will put a handful of buses on existing AC Transit routes and link up parts of Contra Costa county with more buses crossing the bridge each night from San Francisco.

System officials say the program, which could get going as early as December, is designed to help low-income commuters get to work at odd hours, not to help partiers get a less expensive ride home. It's also no indication that overnight train service similar to what's offered in London and New York is getting any closer on BART.

"They do it because they have extra tracks to do important maintenance," says BART spokesman Alica Trost. "We don't have that."

Trost says additional segments of rail and likely a second Transbay Tube would be needed for BART to run non-stop.

BART Will Start Late Night Pilot Program Using Buses

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