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BART Pony's Trainer Takes Her To Movies, Restaurants

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- On Tuesday, a brown and white pony was spotted riding a BART train, causing curiosity and many double takes.

The pony's name is Sweets and KPIX 5 tracked down her trainer, Vanessa Gilliam. Gilliam specializes in muscle therapy and is training Sweets, a rescue pony, to become a support animal.

Sweets' training involves Gilliam bringing her to a myriad of places, including the lurching BART train on Tuesday.

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But Sweets isn't completely trained yet--after her hooves clomped onboard at the Rockridge Station, she had a few accidents, but Gilliam was prepared to clean up after her.

Gilliam has taken her to many different places to prepare her, including restaurants with outdoor patios, inside elevators and onto escalators. Gilliam even took Sweets inside a movie theater to watch a screening of the Lion King.

"If somebody wants to be active and they struggle, she can give them a better life and more mobility and independence," Giliam said.

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