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Attorney General Bonta affirms Californians right to abortion care

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SACRAMENTO -- Backed by a national coalition of 22 attorney generals, California Attorney General Rob Ronta reaffirmed Californians' right to abortion care on Monday despite the U.S. Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The 50-year-old ruling once gave constitutional protections for pregnant people seeking an abortion across the nation, but Friday's ruling could mean abortion bans in numerous states.

Bonta said that though this is a "perilous moment" in the nation's history, it's one that demands action from the states that recognize reproductive freedom.

"We refuse to go back to the days of politicians trying to tell people what to do with their bodies. When it comes to abortion care, it's your body and your right to choose. Nobody else gets to make those decisions," Bonta said in a statement.

Bonta said that people seeking abortion care may have to travel to other states to access the "fundamental healthcare to which they should be entitled." But because people have barriers to travel, this ruling brings about "poorer health outcomes and reduced socioeconomic opportunities" in this country, he said.

"Ultimately, what harms people in some states harms us all. The future and well-being of our nation is intrinsically tied to the ability of our residents to exercise their fundamental rights, including the right to liberty, privacy, and access to abortion care," Bonta stated. "If you seek access to abortion and reproductive healthcare, we're committed to using the full force of the law to support you. You have our word."

In California, people still have the right to a confidential, timely, low-cost and safe abortion without explanation. Only authorized health care providers with adequate training can perform abortions, though health care providers have the right to refuse to perform abortions for moral or ethical reasons. Spouses, parents or guardians will not typically be notified about an abortion.

Californians who believe their rights to reproductive care, including abortion, have been violated can submit a complaint to the attorney general at

Residents needing transportation assistance or access to free and low-cost abortions in the state can contact ACCESS Reproductive Justice at or the Women's Reproductive Rights Assistance Project at  

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