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An iPhone 7 Case That Brings Back The Headphone Jack

By Brian Mastroianni

(CBS NEWS) – When it was revealed that the design of the new iPhone 7 would not include the traditional headphone jack, headphone-wearing Apple fans voiced their dismay loudly on social media. Now, an Austin, Texas-based startup has launched an Indiegogo campaign for an iPhone 7 case that brings back the headphone jack.

Meet the Fuze case, which as of now, has raised more than $21,000 on the crowdfunding site. Fuze co-founders Diego Prince and Troy Osinoff have about a month left to their campaign, and they say they plan to ship the cases in December if they reach their $60,000 goal.

The case includes a back-up battery and has a sleek design that doesn't look that different from others on the market. Its big appeal is that it takes the adapter dongle included along with Apple's latest phones and embeds it right into the case, allowing users to plug their old headphone in just like they used to.

"Yes, what people decide to put in their earholes is a very personal choice and it's a choice that we all should get the chance to make, not one that should be made for us," Prince said in a video announcing the campaign.

The current price to reserve one is $59.

Of course, as is the case with many Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, this isn't a sure bet – Fuze still has to hit its fundraising goal before the device can make its way to consumers and fulfill its promise to "bring back the jack."

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