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6 Father's Day Gifts To Help Dad Organize His Mancave Or Garage

Time to start planning your Father's Day gift for dad, to show him just how much you care. Instead of another boring tie, DVD or homemade coupon book, try finding a gift that is a little more practical. Dad's love gifts that they can use over and over again, especially if it helps them organize their favorite places in the house. And if you've spent any time in a disorganized man cave, a messy garage or a cluttered basement, then you know how helpful a little organization can be. Here are a few ideas to get you started as you find the perfect gift for the most important man in your life.

Golf Organizer

Golf Organizer

If your dad is a golfer then you already know just how many different clubs, balls, tees and other accessories he has lying around. Help him get all that gear off the garage floor and into a great handy storage unit. Then he'll have no problem finding everything he needs for his next round of golf. The Suncast GO3216 Golf Organizer ($72) has a home for two golf bags along with a separate place for golf shoes, balls, and all the rest of the gear. It has three shelves and a five-inch storage bin, plus it has a strip of foam around the edge to keep his clubs from getting scratched. This is the perfect gift for any golf-loving dad on Father's Day.

Wall Control Workbench


If your Dad is the handy type, then he's got tons of tools and other equipment lying all over the garage or basement floor. When it's time to do a job, he probably spends more time just looking for the right tool than actually doing the task he set out to do in the first place. Check out this Wall Control Workbench ($113) as a great way to get all that gear up on the garage walls where dad will be able to see everything at a glance. With a steel pegboard the organizer is stronger than typical cardboard pegboard and still is able to fit every type of slotted shelf, bracket and hook. It takes some work to get set up, so plan ahead and get this done before Father's Day and you can surprise him with a perfectly organized workspace.

Football Remote Control

Football Control

These days everyone has at least three or four different remote controls lying around the living room. If your dad is the proud owner of his own man cave, then he probably has even more controls in there. The CLICKball Football Remote Control Organizer ($20) is the coolest organizer of its kind and would make a great gift for any sports fan. It holds up to four remotes on one CLICKball, but this isn't like your average organizer with a few pockets to insert a remote. This one keeps all the remotes in one place on the football using Velcro, then you just rotate the ball as needed for each remote. With this organizer, your dad will never go hunting for a remote again.

Alert Stamping Cord Reel

Circuit Breaker

Everyone has one of those long, ugly, orange extension cords sitting in a giant pile on the floor of the garage. When that cord is needed, it takes a ton of effort to pull the cord out, find the end, and detangle the mess. The Alert Stamping Cord Reel ($55) has a 30-foot extension cord built into a handy reel that locks at any desired length. You can mount the reel on the wall or just carry it around as needed, plus it automatically retracts with just a slight tug. On the other end, you'll find three outlets for use and a resettable circuit breaker. This is a really handy gift for any dad with lots of power tools, especially if you've caught him tripping over a cord or two as he works in the garage.

Mug Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer

Lots of man caves include a desk, where you'll find your dad hanging out, checking email, working and (more likely) playing video games. The Bucket Boss Mug Boss Desk Organizer ($6) looks like one of those fabric pocket tool organizers that goes around any bucket, but this one fits on any standard coffee mug. It has 12 pockets for all those pens, markers, screwdrivers and other small items that end up getting lost in a drawer. Any dad that has used one of those bucket organizers will recognize the look instantly, and he'll love showing off his Mug Boss to all his friends.

DIY Wall Organizer

DIY Organizer

Sometimes, it's more fun to make something for dad than it is to buy him a pre-made gift. Create your own handy storage unit to fit perfectly in any room in the house. You can use it in the garage for organizing tools, screws, nails, drill bits and other small items. Or Dad can use it in his man cave for video game accessories, remote controls, batteries and other items. Kids will need some help using the tools to make this great organizer, but it's a fun afternoon project that any Dad would love to receive as a gift. Try using PVC pipes and peg boards to make something truly original just for Dad.  You can even paint it with dad's favorite team's colors or even decoupage the wood with family photos. The only limit is your imagination.

Deborah Flomberg is a theater professional, freelance writer and Denver native. Her work can be found at

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