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YouTube Sensation Boosting Business For Stockton Pizzeria

STOCKTON (CBS13) - A YouTube sensation with a local connection features one catchy song that sparked a flood of phone calls and extra business to a Stockton pizza place.

The song had 50,000 hits on YouTube Wednesday night and jumped to close to 90,000. That's a huge number, any way you slice it.

It's a cheesy song about a pizza craving that's become an overnight YouTube hit.

"I need some cheese, tomatoes, and olives, and maybe even some meat. I need some pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza." Those are just a sample of some of the song's lyrics.

But, it needs to be David's Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza.

David's Pizza Commercial by Vincent Gargiulo on YouTube

In Stockton, the pizza place had no idea it was even featured in the YouTube clip, but they know now.

The pizza song, which is part of a film produced by a Stockton native and a David's Pizza regular, is bringing in more customers. But that's not all it's delivering.

"People will imitate the song and they'll sing it on the phone," employee Nicole said.

Customers can't get enough, but ask Nicole about those phone calls, she finds the crank calls annoying.

Despite the crank calls, the owner doesn't mind, and not just because he needs the dough.

"I did get a couple phone calls from people out of state. They were coming to the area and wanted to know where we're located," owner David said.

They're located on Hammer Lane. It's right there in the song.

It's a tune delivering a pizza pie surprise that's catchy and campy, any way you slice it.

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