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Sacramento Woman Finds Mutilated Black Cat Outside Her Home On Halloween

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - It was a Halloween horror show for a Sacramento woman who found a mutilated cat at her front door.

Diane Frere was looking out her window when she saw three teens messing around with some sort of bag. It turns out, what was in that bag was a cat on the brink of death.

"It looked bad. It looked like its nose was burnt. Its ears were cut multiple times," said Frere.

Frere couldn't sleep Wednesday night, and it had nothing to do with it being Halloween. She was haunted by the image of a mutilated black cat somehow making it to her front door.

"It was so skinny, it was so frail, and it looked ... it was bad," said Frere.

Frere wrapped the cat in a blanket and rushed to the vet, but it was too late.

"The cat was crying out and a few minutes later, the manager of Bradshaw Vets came in and told me that they can't save it. It's too severe," said Frere.

Who could commit such a heinous act?

Frere says it was three teenage boys, all dressed in black. She saw them from her window sitting on a park bench.

"I see him put the black bag down on to the ground, and they're still doing stuff. I don't know what they were doing," said Frere.

Moments later, the teens were gone and the nearly lifeless cat showed up.

"When I went up right to where they were sitting, there was a big brown circle of just this stuff, the same smell as the cat," said Frere.

Frere called the cops who patrolled the area looking for the teens, but with no luck.

Now, she can't stop thinking about the last few moments of the cat's life. On the ride to the veterinarian, she rubbed its cheek, the one spot that wasn't injured.

"Among him being in so much pain, he started to purr. He was purring," said Frere.

Frere is worried other cats or even children in the neighborhood could be in danger too.

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