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Who Will Run To Replace Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson After Decision Not To Seek Third Term?

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Several names are being floated as possible replacements after Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson announced he was not running for a third term.

Johnson said on Tuesday night he would step aside when his term is up with no plans to go for a higher office. His decision not to run comes as he faces numerous accusations stemming from a 1996 Phoenix investigation into allegations he sexually abused a minor, as well as recent sexual harassment claims at city hall.

Sacramento City Councilwoman Angelique Ashby formally announced her run for office on Wednesday morning, trying to distance herself from Mayor Kevin Johnson.

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"Today begins the dialogue, where I say officially to Sacramento, my hat is in the ring, I want to by your mayor, I want to be on the ballot in 2016, and I hope you will walk with me," she said.

Ashby was surrounded by supporters including state Sen. Richard Pan.

"I know that Angelique is someone that will continue that forward momentum, someone who has that vision," he said.

Ashby, known as a tenacious fighter for her district, highlighted her victories, including the lifting of a building moratorium in Natomas and her involvement in the Golden 1 Center. But she says she knows there's work to be done.

"Right now crime is spiking on us, it's spiking citywide we can't let that happen," she said.

Seen as a strong ally to Johnson, Ashby tried to honor him, but distance herself at the same time.

There's nothing to tarnish the years that he has done, he's done a great job, and he deserves to move on to whatever he does next, I'm not concerned about what that is," she said. "I'm not the same as Mayor Johnson, we are very different individuals."

News of Ashby's intent to run came in the form of an interview with The Sacramento Bee within minutes of Johnson's announcement he would not seek a third term.

There is also heavy talk of former state Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg running. Less than a day after Johnson's announcement, Steinberg says he's not ready to make an announcement either way just yet.

"I have public service in my blood, but I want to do this in the right way and think about it," he said.

Former state Assemblyman Roger Dickinson is also thinking about a run for mayor, saying his experiences make him qualified for the job. But like Steinberg, he says he plans to talk it over with family and friends first.

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