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Vacaville Parents, Coaches Upset After They Say Softball Fields Were Destroyed

VACAVILLE (CBS13) — Vacaville parents and coaches are furious after they say softball fields were destroyed by the Vacaville Unified School District.

"The fields are getting destroyed out here in Vacaville," Luis Perez, a parent and coach, said.

"We've seen that on Tuesday at one of our sessions for workouts and training we had; there was a tractor out on the field coming out and blatantly stated that they were going to destroy the field," Angelia Sandoval, a parent upset over fields, said.

One parent says she called the Vacaville Unified School District for answers.

"They said that it was a liability that kids were on it, using it. They made accusations that people were jumping over the fence," Courtney Whitacre, a parent upset over the fields, said.

We checked out the two fields at Hemlock Elementary and William Jepsen Middle schools to see what the fields looked like, and they appeared to be in good shape as of Thursday.

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Vacaville Unified is saying that the fields weren't destroyed. The district told CBS13 that the facilities department is behind what was done to the fields, stating this was to keep people off the fields for maintenance purposes as the district was concerned about liability and the condition of the field due to school closures.

It also added that Vacaville Unified closed their fields to comply with state orders regarding large public gatherings and contact sports.

There's still a lot of confusion among these parents. They wish they knew what was going to happen on the field while they were off the field.

"They should have put up the signs that they said that they were, which are now up," Whitacre said. "They've put that the fields are closed. But they should've communicated with our families and the community."

"And understand why it was, what was the goal and what were we trying to prevent. And that way it could have been equal across the board," Sandoval said.

The Vacaville Unified School District said that it normally does these maintenance procedures during winter break. It plans to have the upgrades finished by Friday.

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