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Vacaville Allows Businesses To Operate Outdoors On Vacant City Property

VACAVILLE (CBS13) - The Vacaville city council will allow certain businesses to operate at city-owned properties.

Businesses like gyms, places of worship, and barbershops in 29 California counties were told to cease indoor operations on July 13. That meant some businesses with outdoor space nearby could continue to operate, but others without that space were left without options.

Those businesses are now permitted to use parks, vacant areas, and vacant private parking lots to work.

Dulon Stevens with Fitness Explosion Elite Training is moving his weights outside as he moves into yet another phase of reopening California amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

"I am happy to say it's already in the works with the city," said Stevens.

Stevens applied for a $100 permit with the City of Vacaville to operate under an emergency ordinance outside his business in the parking lot. It is something he was already doing, but now it's approved by the city.

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"Because I wanted us to make sure I have the opportunity for clients to feel comfortable In this situation," he said.

Marianna Schiavone has run La Borgata Deli in downtown Vacaville for 10 years. After years of serving people inside, she just moved tables outside.

"They were able to bring out the barricades so we can protect our people," she said.

Faithful customers no longer have to sit in their trucks to enjoy their espresso.

Greg Serrao said, "This reminds us of Italy, all being Italians, we enjoy this a whole bunch."

The City of Vacaville hopes you go to one of their city-owned parking lots. City leaders admit there will be a learning curve but all agree serving customers and clients outdoors will give everyone a taste of what they have to offer. And help lift their business through a little extra promotion.

"A lot more people are seeing us working out and believing in us and practicing all of the guidelines so they want to come to the gym and sign up," said Stevens.

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