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'Ugly' Produce Might Actually Be Better For You

New studies say many people won't choose "ugly" looking produce, whether it's a weird bump on a tomato, or a different shape on an apple.

One university professor is making it his mission to educate others on how so-called ugly fruits and vegetables are not only just as good for you, but could actually be better.

You're not alone if you prefer perfect-looking produce. Misshapen or off-colored fruits and vegetables are the rejects of produce.

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"Up to 40% of the fruits and vegetables in the United States that are harvested are not ultimately eaten," said University of Florida Professor of Postharvest Biology Jeffery Brecht.

That means "ugly" produce ends up in the trash.

Scientists found that this quirky-looking produce is just as good as your average fruit you see on the shelf, if not better.

"So you actually have the potential to have a better tasting item. It can be nutritionally superior because it hasn't been stored for a long time," said Brecht.

Brecht says don't be afraid of the quality of the "ugly" fruit, and to buy from your local farmers markets. Local farmers often don't have to meet the stringent qualifications as commercial ones, meaning less waste and more taste.

"It's what's on the inside that counts; beauty is only skin deep…for produce and for people," he said.

There are several ways you can find "ugly" produce in the Sacramento area. Farmer's markets and even some grocery stores have started selling "ugly" produce at a discount.

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