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UC Davis' 'WarnMe' Alert System Failed Night Of Officer Corona's Shooting

DAVIS (CBS13) – UC Davis is working to fix a problem with their campus-wide alert system after it failed during the night Officer Natalie Corona was fatally shot.

Officials say only a fraction of people received the first WarnMe notification of a "suspect at large" right away.

Others received it an hour later.

"The system failure we saw on January 10 was unacceptable, and we will take all necessary measures to ensure 100 percent performance in the future," said Chancellor Gary S. May in a statement.

The WarnMe system is tested twice a year, officials say, and had passed its previous tests.

Rave Mobile Safety, the vendor behind the WarnMe system, says the problem with the alert has been identified and fixed.

UC Davis police are planning to meet with developers with the alert system next week.

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