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UC Davis Student Killed In Campus Crash With Garbage Truck Identified As Tris Yasay

DAVIS (CBS13) — Authorities are investigating a tragic crash on the UC Davis campus involving a student.

A garbage truck hit and killed a student as she rode to class on a bicycle. The crash happened Wednesday at 8 a.m.

On Thursday, students stood in silence honoring their classmate with a memorial near the crash site.

"It's just tragic," UC Davis student James Jezi said.

Freshman Tris Yasay, 19, was identified as the student killed after riding through the intersection of Dairy Road and Hutchison Drive.

UC Davis student Sophia Gomez says the intersection is unsafe with cyclists and motorists often competing for space.

"I mean this isn't just some place, I mean this is Dairy Road and Hutchison," Gomez said, "I mean, I cross here every day. Everyone does."

Gomez added, "Everyone gets a little anxiety. I get a little anxiety crossing here all the time because you just don't know who's coming through and who's going to respect I guess the unspoken courtesy of this particular crosswalk."

Jouke Peutz serves on the board of Bike Davis and erected a Ghost Bike Memorial in honor of Yasay, who he did not know. He's calling for the university to explain how this accident happened.

"We just don't want this whole situation to go forgotten," Peutz said. "Because we don't want this to go unnoticed, right? This is one of our students."

The deadly crash comes just before finals start.

According to her LinkedIn page, Yasay was a freshman majoring in sustainable agriculture and was just weeks away from completing her first year away at college.

Students said they are hoping to install a permanent memorial at this intersection that will honor Yasay forever.

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