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Turlock Neighbors Outraged After Suspect Caught On Camera Steals Trump Signage

TURLOCK (CBS13) - The Turlock Police Department is looking for a man they said is a suspect in stealing Trump supporter signs and banners from two homes on Colorado Avenue.

The two neighbors expressed their outrage over this situation, a move the country has seen before when it comes to these signs.

"It makes me mad. I don't care about political views. When someone comes and takes your property, that's a whole different thing," Greg Farnam said.

Ring cameras from the two homes caught the same crime – a suspect ripping down and stealing trump supporter flags and signs.

"On Friday, a couple of weekends ago at about 11:30 p.m., a guy came up and he stole our flag and then he grabbed our Howzen sign on the way out," Leif Barkhousen said.

Both victims immediately replaced their stolen flags and signs after they were stolen, then something else happened.

"I put them out of reach from somebody. Then that evening, we got a rock thrown through our front window," Farnam said.

"My dad was sleeping on the other side of the window. And it could have hit him," Barkhousen said. "My mom has a big wooden rocking horse in the window and it hit that instead."

Turlock police said the man in the Ring videos is a suspect when it comes to stealing the Trump flags and signs.

But it still hasn't been determined by investigators if the man in the surveillance video was the person who threw the rocks.

CBS13 asked Turlock police if there have been any other incidents with stolen Trump signage in the area in recent weeks. Either way, the victims said it doesn't matter if you lean left or right when it comes to politics. They say this wasn't the right thing to do.

"Your home is your solace. It's your peace place and somebody violated that," Farnam said.

"It's just not right at all. They shouldn't be able to just go steal or take whatever they want because they don't like who you're voting for or whatever your views are," Barkhousen said.

A spokesperson for the police department told us, "The only reported incidents of Trump signage being taken are these two incidents with the suspect being caught on the home owner's video surveillance."

Anyone with information that may lead to the whereabouts of the suspect is asked to contact Turlock police.

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