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Top 5 Breweries In Sacramento

Our great city of Sacramento has been brewing the hoppiest beer since the 1800s, but which of it is the best?

1. Track 7 Brewing Company: This brewery describes itself as "young, energetic, motivated and looking to take over Northern California and beyond." In February, they opened a spacious taproom in Natomas which gives beer-lovers an open view of the brewhouse, meaning you can watch beer being made while enjoying a pint of your own. Track 7 Natomas has six beers on tap, including their signatures: Daylight Amber Ale, Bee Line Blonde and Panic IPA.

2. Oak Park Brewing Company: This brewery is set in a lovely 90-year-old building that makes you feel like you're on a luxurious, rustic ship - and an even bigger plus: they have extraordinary beer. There are usually seven beers on tap, but each beer always seems to be from a different planet than the one beside it. The British and Belgian ales have often been described as having a "West Coast kick," and their IPAs are known for being aromatic and hoppy with a smooth malt finish. If you really like something, you can take it home in a growler like the one below!

3. Ruhstaller Brewing Company: Ruhstaller was founded by  Captain Frank Ruhstaller, "California's Premier Pioneer Brewer," over 130 years ago. He grew the finest hops by partnering with California farmers, and his legacy continues today with people who are dedicated to keeping his beer a legacy. Check out the video about Ruhstaller below!

How to Grow a Beer: The Amazing Rebirth of a Sacramento Beer by SactownMagazine on YouTube

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4. Rubicon Brewing: While this brewery is known for being a two-time gold medalist at the Great American Beer Festival, it is also greatly known for being one of the oldest breweries in America (Est. 1987). According to Rubicon's website, "of the 1,679 brewers in operation today, only 74 were around in 1990," and Rubicon was one of those 74 breweries. Other than producing delicious beer, Rubicon is also known for it's dedication to supporting children and other organizations in the Sacramento community.

5. New Helvetia Brewing Company: Their tap list is constantly changing and, according to the website, their beers "reflect [their] staff, diverse and eclectic, drawing on old traditions, new techniques and hare brained schemes." From stouts made with Naked Lounge coffee beans and Ginger Elizabeth chocolates, to a variety of IPAs, German lagers and Belgian ales; this brewery has got quite a selection to choose from. It is bound to have something you'll love, whether you like beer or not!

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