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Top 3 NFL Teams Which Need Jim Harbaugh

According to Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman, there are a handful of teams which are planning on making a "mega-offer" to bring Jim Harbaugh back to the NFL. (Click here for Freeman's article)

The former San Francisco 49ers head coach is now in his second year in Michigan and has the Wolverines in contention for a NCAA National Championship.

It's highly unlikely Harbaugh will leave Michigan to return the NFL any time soon, but there are teams out there which could desperately use his services.

Listed below are the top three teams which NEED Jim Harbaugh, not ones which will necessarily make one of those "mega-offers."

1. San Francisco 49ers

Let's just be honest here, the 49ers should have never let Harbaugh leave in the first place.

San Francisco was one of the worst teams in football before Harbaugh began coaching the team. In his first season as the head coach, Harbaugh led the team to the NFC Championship, followed by the Super Bowl in his second season.

Harbaugh wasn't getting along with General Manager Trent Baalke which led to the owner of the team having to choose one of the two alpha dogs.

Niners' owner Jed York sided with Baalke and let one of the best coaches in the NFL walk away.

Since Harbaugh's departure from San Francisco, the 49ers are 6-18 in a season and a half without any sign of getting any better.

If every NFL team made an offer to Harbaugh, San Francisco would most likely be last on the coach's list of teams for which he would like to coach. The disrespect the Niners' ownership showed to Harbaugh will keep this reunion from ever happening.

2. Cleveland Browns

Does anyone remember when the drama between the 49ers' GM Baalke and Harbaugh began, there were rumors of San Francisco trading the coach to Cleveland?

Looking back, that would have been the best case scenario for both teams. San Francisco would have received something in return for the coach instead of watching him just walk away, and the Browns may not be as embarrassing as they are today.

Cleveland has had the hardest time finding a quality head coach. Since 2011, which was Harbaugh's first year in San Francisco, the Browns are on its fourth head coach.

Along with the head coach issues, the Browns have also severely struggled to find a decent quarterback. Players like Johnny Manziel, Robert Griffin III and Brian Hoyer are just a few of the quarterbacks the Cleveland franchise has watched fail under center.

Harbaugh has not only won games on every level he has coached, but he is also known as a "quarterback guru." He coached Andrew Luck at Stanford and resurrected the career of Alex Smith in San Francisco.

If there is an ideal coach out there for the Browns, it's Harbaugh.

3. San Diego Chargers

The Chargers currently have a decent head coach in Mike McCoy, but in a division with the Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs, decent is not good enough.

San Diego is currently sitting at a record of 4-5 and the team should have a couple more wins if it wasn't for late-game collapses.

There is enough talent on the team to be in the playoffs, but they will need a little something extra to put them over the top. Harbaugh is that something extra.

Chargers' quarterback Philip Rivers is 34 years old and probably doesn't have too many years left in his prime. Harbaugh and Rivers would make one heck of a combination.

They are both fiery personalities who will do just about anything to win football games. It would be hard to imagine the Chargers doing anything less than winning game after game if Harbaugh was in charge of the team.

Harbaugh also spent the last two years of his playing career on the Chargers and began his head coaching career at the University of San Diego. It would be a perfect fit.




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